The purpose of this International Personnel Certification Schemes (IPCS) is to define RSA minimum qualification and certification requirements of Welder in accordance with The American Society for Mechanical Engineer (ASME) Section IX, Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, and The American Welding Society (AWS) D1.1, Structural Welding Code.


  1. This IPCS has been developed to assist in meeting the minimum requirements for qualification and certification of personnel seeking for Welder certification in accordance with ASME IX 2019 Edition and AWS D1.1 2020 Edition.
  2. The Range of Qualification of Welder covered by this IPCS are listed in Section 6.0 as used in accordance with the applicable codes, standards, specifications and regulations referenced below.
  3. Certification to this IPCS provides an attestation of general competence of the Welder. The employers are responsible for the work performed by the welders. The employers may accept IPCS Welder certification without additional testing or may add requirements as deemed necessary to meet a specific need. Some standards or contract documents may require the owner, engineer, or other individuals to approve the use certified Welders (without requalification) on their work.
  4. Employers who employ IPCS Welders shall be fully aware of the provisions of the certification. The employers shall specifically note the extent of qualification as stated on the IPCS Welder identification/qualification limits card. The employers shall verify the welder's prior work history, or otherwise determine that the qualification(s) apply to the employer's work.


  1. The welder (and their sponsor/employer if not self-employed) must satisfy themselves that the individual is deemed to have the required competency, knowledge, and physical ability prior to commencing with any test.
  2. All WQT conducted by RSA shall be performed in accordance with a qualified WPS, or if one is not available, then a SWPS. The supply or production of a SWPS for use during the welder certification test lies solely with the welder, or their sponsor/employer.
  3. If the welder capabilities are in doubt, then training or practice time in accordance with Section 8.0 below should be considered prior to taking any tests.

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